Thursday, March 20, 2008

TRIAL VIDEOS: Joint project between and Kentucky Law Review (BLOG) to post on-line videos of portions of trials kicks off with Opening Statements from the Ogburn v. McDonald's trial

Kentucky Law Review, in collaboration with TechnoEsq, is seeking to make available the trial videos of numerous newsworthy and interesting trials from across Kentucky.

Every lawyer knows the benefit in watching how other attorneys work and present cases. Unfortunately, unless we take the time to attend a trial, we are relegated to hearing second-hand of the mistakes and successes of other litigators. Since we believe the lessons learned from these cases are invaluable and often too difficult to obtain, we are seeking out the trial videos for these cases, digitizing them and making them available to our viewers for educational purposes. Should you have any cases in which you’ve been involved or know of other cases which you think would benefit our viewers, please contact us so that we may procure the video for all to share.

The first case available for viewing is Louise Ogburn v. McDonald’s Corporation, We have made the Opening Statements available for viewing and will be posting the Closing Arguments within the next few days. These are viewable by clicking on the new “Trial Videos ” link in the banner of the TechnoEsq site, or directly here.

We hope that you find these as informative as we have and look forward to bringing you many more trial videos.

PS.  I thank Finis Price of for taking the time to compress and digitize these videos, as well as post and absorb the bandwidth at his site.  The four opening statements are available, and they uploaded very quickly on my PC using a cable modem. 

Please note if you have the video tape, then we can digitize it, compress it, and post it.  Just get it to us. 

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