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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

JUDICIAL ELECTION FILINGS: Here are the filings in Jefferson County races per SOS web site tonight!

Although these are obviously not final, but the web site seem complete since it reflects the last minute withdrawl of Ron Lewis and last minute filings of other candidates for his congressional seat.

Clayton is unchallenged and wins be default.  Six are vying for the circuit court bench, and 17 are in the race for district court.

Court of Appeals

Denise G. Clayton

Jefferson Circuit Court Div. 4

Charlie Cunningham
Louie Guenthner
N. George Shunnarah
Olu A. Stevens
Robert "Bob" Silverthorn
W. Douglas Kemper

Jefferson District Court Div. 16

Aaron J. Silletto
Allyson Cox
Ann Bailey Smith
Anne Dedman Watkins
Benjamin Francis Wyman
David P. Bowles
David Larry Holton II.
Jan Firkins Brightwell
Josephine Layne Buckner
Katie King
Laura Prater Russell
Linda Y. Atkins
Matthew H. Welch
Pat Mulvihill
Sheila Berman
Shelley Santry
Stephanie Pearce Burke


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That's a lot of names for a district court slot. Methinks Jefferson County really needs to get some more judicial seats, but we know how likely that is.

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