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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ky Family Law: "State to hold hearings on adoptions" [Kentucky.com]

Kentucky legislators say they plan to hold hearings into allegations that the state is inappropriately taking children from their biological parents and moving them into adoptive homes.


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I agree with the previous post! ! And also in my opinion She cannot distinguish between right or wrong, or else she would not depend upon the " lies" two (2) social workers told her in my case. Probably more. Plus, she will not. . WILL NOT LET YOU finish what you were trying to say. Nor present ANY evidence if you are Pro Se! ! AFTER you have one (1) Attorney Disqualified! ! And they wanted to the 2ND ONE... Only to investigate and PROLONG THE ACTION!!! Until the bio mom could get paroled with help from THE GOOD OLE` GIRLS network! After being in jail for PAROLE VIOLATION. For living in Lincoln Co., ILLEGALLY. Anyhow the bio mom got the child back after 8.5 years, after I HAD HER FROM 23 MONTHS OLD. . . I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Debra Lambert has caused more pain and fear in children than all other fears combined.It is a shame to the whole judicial system for a person who sidesteps all guidelines and moral foundations, she sits as dictator instead of a fair and impartial judge. To have such intolerant attitudes toward children and the needs they face, to cause such fear and dread within small children. To call it "family" court or her fair or careing is a shame on us all and the children that fall victim to the cruelty of adults who allow this farce of their "best insterest". Please help the children that fall under the gavel of this dreg of humanity.

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