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Saturday, May 20, 2006

LawReader: Fastest Digest in the West

Although we are cheap and easy in providing digests and information as a public service to Kentucky attorneys, we are not quick! 

Now, www.LawReader.com is the 'fastest digest in the west'; west of the Big Sandy River that is. 

Here is a posting today from the blog entries at LawReader.  With your subscription to LawReader, you not only get FASTCASE (a more complete legal reasearch tool than the phantom CASEMAKER from the KBA since it will have ALL FIFTY states decisions and not just the consortium's contributors) but you get a plethora (that's LOTS) of other information on Kentucky law.  It's chief editor is Retired Judge Stan Billingsley who knows the courtroom from above and below the bench.

Here is a link from today's LawReader blog posting.  Note these digests are part of their subscription and should be worth the price of admission by itself, but the remainder of the tools available make this site a bargain.

Members of LawReader.com can read a synopsis and the full text of these cases.  To sign up go to  www.lawreader.com  -  This feature is included in your monthly subscription fee.   


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